Pacific manufactures and installs 'Caspian' make Smoke and Fire Curtains.

Due to the high performance and reliability of these Fire products, they have been specified and installed in most of the iconic landmark buildings.

An automated fire barrier, which is normally hidden within the ceiling or wall structure, and only deployed in the event of a fire or for testing purposes. It is designed to prevent the spread of fire & smoke through a building.


  • Invisible (recessed above the ceiling line)

  • Creates open spaces and increases yield of living space, workable/chargeable floor space

  • Creates clear lines of sight by removing compartments

  • Increases the scope of internal design possibilities

  • Creates solutions for radical property design and development

  • Maintains building fire integrity without compromise

  • Increase tenability levels of escaping occupants

  • Lower long-term service and maintenance costs compared with tradition passive fire protection solutions

  • Removes the need for heavy fire doors

  • Removes the need to fix around the perimeter of the void between support columns


  • Means of escape and protected routes

  • Stairwells

  • Atria

  • Escalators

  • Shop fronts

  • Lift lobbies

  • Boundary protection

  • Alternative to traditional fire doors, shutters, glazing partitions and non-load bearing walls

  • Clear opening through corridors, communal and reception areas

  • Secondary means of fire separation

  • Basement and loft conversion fire separation

  • Kitchen dinner conversions