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A fire door is a door with a fire-resistance rating that is used as a part of a passive fire protection system to reduce the spread of fire and smoke between separate compartments of a structure. This enables safe egress from a building or structure. All fire doors must be installed with the appropriate fire resistant fittings, such as the frame and door hardware, for it to fully comply with fire regulations.

Metal Fire Rated Doors


Metal Fire Rated doors are made up of galvanised steel sheets. 

Wooden Fire Rated Doors


Wooden Fire Doors are made up of usually Red Meranti or teak wood. 

Metal Glazed Fire Rated Door

metal glazed

Glazed Partitions and Glazed Fire Doors have a clear fire rated glass with metal frames. 



fire + acoustic

Wooden fire rated doors that reduce the sound leak outside the room. Usually installed in auditoriums.

Stainless Steel Fire Rated Doors

stainless steel

SS Fire Doors are made up of Stainless steel sheets.


Lead lined doors are used at the entrance of X-ray rooms in hospitals to reduce the harmful radiations from the inside of the room.

Metal Lead Lined Fire Rated Door


Lead lined doors made out of Galvanized steel or SS sheets.

Wooden Lead Lined Fire Rated Door


Lead lined doors made out of wood.

FLUSH-hmps doors

Flush Doors, made up on galvanised sheets, are the most preferred choice for numerous commercial and industrial establishments due to their safety and durability. These doors are low on maintenance and high on aesthetics. 

Flush HMPS Fire Rated Door


doors & partitions

These doors, made from Galvanized and SS sheets, have a specific standard of hygiene and functionality for clean room areas in commercial establishments. These clean room doors are the ideal choice for Pharmaceutical, Food Processing, Hospitals, Computer Server Rooms, R&D Labs, Semiconductor and Electronic Industries.

Clean Room Fire Rated Door

louvered doors

Louvred Doors are highly recommended where there is a need for cross-ventilation. Applications mostly are in generator rooms, swimming pools, plant rooms, boiler rooms, electrical sub stations and other commercial areas. We offer partial or fully louvred options according to your requirements.

Louvered Fire Rated Doors



These FHC doors are usually double leaf doors which house hydrant system and fire hose pipe inside them. This doors are available in different sizes, shapes and designs according to the customer’s demands. Our FHC doors are easy to access in case of urgent/emergency situation.

Fire Hose Cabinet Doors

flush DOORS

Flush doors are wooden doors that are non fire rated. These are BIS/ISI approved doors that are thinner than fire doors, used majorly in residential buildings.


security glass

  • Bullet resistant

  • Blast resistant

  • Burglar resistant

  • Radiant resistant

Bullet resistant glass.jpeg


These are doors made up of single sheet, which are non-fire rated. These doors usually have louvers in them to provide ventilation. Usually installed in shafts, DG room etc 

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